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Microencapsulation as a technology today refers to a very wide range of technologies that encapsulate, protect and release actives when needed. According to Global Industry Analysts, the overall microencapsulation market is very large, approaching $9 billion in 2020), ranging a number of industries from consumer product goods (household good, food, cosmetics), industrials (oil & gas, pulp & paper), and to pharmaceuticals.Aqdot’s novel platform technology has the potential of accessing all of these markets.



Aqdot® is a performance chemistry company with a focus and expertise in developing, licensing and selling novel proprietary products. Aqdot’s proprietary technology and know-how enables materials to be captured, held, and released. Identifying unmet needs in these sectors, Aqdot develops products that enable our customers to introduce novel and differentiated brands, maximise resource efficiency, and make a truly positive impact on the environment.

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