Aqdot was also commended for having a woman cofounder and lead-presenter in the Rice Business Plan Competition to be awarded the Courageous Women Entrepreneur Award by the nCourage Entrepreneurs Investment Group.

nCourage Entrepreneurs Investment Group is judging The Rice Business Plan Competition and award Women Entrepreneur Award for Third Year.

The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship will award a new $20,000 Award for Courageous Women Entrepreneurs at the 2013 Rice University Business Plan Competition.

The prize is sponsored by nCourage Entrepreneurs Investment Group consisting of: Cindy Boyd, President of Sentigy; Elizabeth Wiggins, Director, various community boards, Lamar Mathews, President of GP of Falcon Partners, Ltd. and Shelby Scarbrough, President, Practical Protocol. These four courageous entrepreneurs formed “nCourage Entrepreneurs” to invest in people, passion and their plan to execute. Other partners include Winnie Hart of TwinEngine, Sue Hrib of Signum Group, Suzy Ginzburg of Global Communications, and Dr. Lynn Kirkpatrick of Ensysce Bio Sciences. United by their passion to encourage the next generation of women entrepreneurs, and recognize the courage necessary to pursue an entrepreneurial journey, the nCourage team applauds the efforts of this year’s contestants.

Aqdot® is a performance chemistry company with a focus and expertise in developing, licensing and selling novel proprietary products. Aqdot’s proprietary technology and know-how enables materials to be captured, held, and released. Identifying unmet needs in these sectors, Aqdot develops products that enable our customers to introduce novel and differentiated brands, reduce manufacturing costs and make a truly positive impact on the environment.

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